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New China Restrictions for US Diplomats12/06 06:24

   BEIJING (AP) -- China said Friday it will now require U.S. diplomats to give 
five days' notice before holding meetings with Chinese officials and academics 
in retaliation for a similar restriction by Washington. 

   Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said at a daily briefing 
that the rule was a direct response to Washington's move in October to require 
all Chinese diplomats to preregister for meetings with officials down to the 
municipal level as well as visits to educational and research institutions. 

   Hua said the U.S. should "correct its mistakes, revoke the relevant 
decision, and provide support and convenience for Chinese diplomatic and 
consular staff in the U.S. to perform their duty." 

   The tit-for-tat restrictions come amid a trade war between the world's two 
largest economies and U.S. allegations that China's massive telecommunications 
technology provider Huawei poses a security threat to Western democracies.


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